Frequently asked questions

For Buyers

How do I get started as a buyer?

To get started as a buyer, you can search homes on our website, get verified, and schedule a tour. For self-tour properties, we will send you access instructions to your phone to get inside the property once your tour is approve. For all other tours, a toura partner agent will meet you at the property to let you inside the home.

How do I access a self-tour property?

To access a self-tour property, you must complete our quick verification process and schedule a tour of the property on our website. Once requested, we will send the tour over to the seller for approval. When the tour is approved, we will send you a digital key and access instructions to complete your showing on your own.

Can I tour homes that don’t offer self-tour?

Yes. For homes that don't offer self-tour, you can still book a tour on our website. A toura partner agent will meet you at the property at your scheduled time and date to let you inside the home.

Does it cost money to tour a home?

There is no cost or obligation to tour a home. If you decide to engage with an agent to purchase a home, then there may be costs involved.

What happens if I my verification fails?

Sometimes verification may fail due to things like poor lighting or blurry pictures. If this happens, please try completing the verification process again or call 877-668-TOUR for support.

What if I have questions or want to make an offer on a home that I tour?

After you've completed a tour, you may have specific questions about the home or want to make an offer. For self-tour properties, we will connect you with the listing agent who can answer questions and even help write an offer. For non self-tour properties, you can work with the partner agent who met you at the home for any questions and/or to make an offer.

For Agents

Does self-tour work for any agent, brokerage, or MLS?

Yes, self-tour works with your existing brokerage and the traditional MLS service. To add self-tour to your listings, simply install the lockbox as your primary or back up lockbox on your listing. Full integration and functionality is currently only available in Georgia and Florida with FMLS, Stellar MLS, and Beaches MLS systems.

How do I get started as an agent?

To get started as an agent, create an account and choose the plan that is right for you. Try out our free plan to start getting leads on your listings today.

Does the self-tour lockbox work on occupied homes?

Yes, the self-tour lockbox works on occupied and vacant homes. Our added verification helps protect sellers by verifying the identity of every buyers who requests a tour.

Does the self-tour lockbox require Wi-Fi?

No, the self-tour lockbox is battery operated and does not require WiFi.

Is there an agreement document for the seller to sign or material I can show my client(s)?

Yes. When you sign up for the agent plan, we will provide a Terms of Use agreement. The Seller will also be required to acknowledge the Terms of Service agreement before the lockbox can go live on their property. This is in addition to your listing agreement with the seller.  Each paid lockbox plan also comes with support material such as a door cling/sticker, yard sign and more you can share with your Seller.

As a listing agent, do I have to pay for each buyer who requests a self tour?

No, there is no cost per tour. We offer several pricing plans including a free plan that connects you with free leads on your listings. To unlock self-tour and other features, check out our growth plan.

How do I install a lock?

The Toura lockbox can be placed on a door knob, handle, gate, railing or other surface. The lockbox includes two styles of shackles for added versatility of placement. Your access pin can be used to unlock the lockbox in order to store a key, access card or fob. Once you place the key inside the lockbox, simply close the lockbox and touch the lock icon in the center of the keypad.

How do I get Signage?

To get signage, please purchase an agent plan. All agent plans come with necessary signage including yard signs to advertise "self-tour" and door clings to clarify access instructions.

For Sellers

How do I find a toura partner agent?

To find a toura partner agent, fill out a contact us form with your information and market. We will connect you with an agent in your area.

Is the self-tour lockbox safe to use on my home?

Our ID verification partner uses proven technology to verify the identity of buyers who request a self-tour. As with all home tours, it is always recommended to secure or put away valuables.

Does the self-tour lockbox work on occupied homes?

Yes, the self-tour lockbox works on occupied and vacant homes. Our added verification helps protect sellers by verifying the identity of every buyers who requests a tour.

Do I have control over who can tour my home?

Of course. When buyers request a time and day for their tour,  you’ll received a text message and email to notify you of their request.  You must approve their request  before we send them access instructions. Note: for vacant homes, you can default to automatically approve all tour requests, within normal hours (9am to 7pm).

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