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Here's 7 Ways to Increase Showings Of Your Listings

August 12, 2020

Marketing a listing and generating showings can be tough.

If it’s a hot listing, then you may not need to do much more than upload it online to generate interest and start receiving offers. However, if the listing isn’t the most appealing, then you will need to strategize alternative ways to convince prospective home buyers to come tour the property in person. 

To help get your listing sold, we’ve put together a list of 7 tips you should follow when marketing a home, condo or townhome to get the most awareness and increase the number of showings of your listing. 

7 Tips To Increase Home Tours of Your Listing

1. Upload the Listing Online

According to the National Association of Realtors in their 2019 report, 93% of home buyers searched for their home online. As a result, having your listing in as many places as possible where home buyers are searching is key to generating the most interest. For most agents, this tip is a no-brainer, but we like to include it as a reminder because not every home is listed on the MLS or other real estate websites. 

The MLS is the most common option when marketing a real estate listing online because it gets syndicated to not only the MLS, but also the most popular real estate websites including Zillow, Trulia, and In the scenario that you or your seller does not want to pay to post the listing on the MLS, you can still generate buyer traffic online by adding your listing to Zillow and for free. 

2. Get Professional Listing Photos Taken

If you don’t already know this by now, your listing needs to have professional photos. While professional photography is an added expense, it can go a long way in promoting your listing. 

As we mentioned above, the majority of prospective buyers are searching for homes online. This means that the first impression they are getting of your listing is determined by what they find – the photos and listing description. Therefore, your listing needs to look its very best to get them interested enough to want to learn more – and professional photos are going to be a key factor in making that happen. 

When getting photos of your listing taken, it is important to find a photographer who specializes in real estate photography. While some photographers may be amazing at shooting people, capturing real estate can be a different story. A professional real estate photographer photographs homes regularly, so they are going to know the right angles, lighting and staging tips to make your listing look like the hottest home on the block. 

Once taken, these photos will not only make your seller happy about how great their home looks, but they will also make home buyers want to click into your listing to find out more.

3. Highlight the Best Features in the First Few Sentences of the Listing Description

In 2019, there were over 5 million homes sold in the United States. While all of those are likely not in your market, there are still a lot of options available to potential buyers – especially ones who haven’t specifically decided on a certain neighborhood or area. As a result, there typically is a lot of competition among real estate listings which makes it even more important to highlight the unique features of your listing early in the listing description.

If you are able to peak their interest in the first or second sentence, then they will likely want to keep reading the rest of the description and potentially consider touring. However, if the first few sentences talk about generic features, then there is a good chance they will move on to look at other homes before getting to the good stuff. Therefore, if the home is next to a really nice shopping area or has a fully renovated kitchen, then it might be best to include those in the first or second sentences to drive the most interest.

4. Promote Your Listing on Social Media

If you’re not already promoting your listings on social media, then you need to get started. People spend hours on social sites daily, so it’s a great place to generate interest where your community is already spending their time.

Not only could this help drive showings from your social circle, but it can also help bring in new clients and referrals. As people see that you have listings and closings, it will encourage them to want to use you – especially if they don’t already have a real estate agent. 

Pro Tip: When sharing info about your listing, you don’t want to share the link from Zillow. While Zillow is great for awareness of your listing since so many buyers search the website, it’s not the best place for you to get leads. ZIllow auctions off any interested buyers to other agents who pay for those leads in your area, so it’s best to share a listing page that will send the leads directly to you. 

The best free way to do this is to claim your listing on toura and then share that link to your social network or email list. On your toura listing page, buyers can view all your listing’s details, book a tour directly with you, or request a self-tour if you’ve enabled the self-tour lockbox. You’ll then be able to see all your tour requests and leads in your dashboard – for free. All you have to do is claim your listing(s) to start receiving leads.

5. Post in Local Facebook Housing Groups

Facebook is notorious for its groups. If you aren’t in any groups in your area, then you should search for your local neighborhood or city and join as many as you can. Facebook groups a great place to passively get involved with your local community and advertise either your listings or your services. 

Some neighborhoods or cities have housing groups which are perfect for posting listings. You can typically find these by searching on Facebook for groups such as, “Homes for Sale in Fort Lauderdale”. 

In some scenarios, you may find that some of these groups have rules prohibiting real estate agents from making posts about their listings or advertising their services to prevent spamming group members. If this is the case, it can still be beneficial to be in these groups because there will likely be people either asking for a real estate agent recommendation or specific housing need in which you can then comment and suggest yourself and/or your listing. As you participate more, other groups members may also notice you and consider using your services in the future.

6. Offer Self-Tours to Drive More Showings

Self tour is a great option to allow home buyers to see your listing on their schedule. While this may have been difficult in the past, Toura now offers a self-tour lockbox that you can easily install on your listing to offer this convenience. 

Once you add a self-tour lockbox to your listing, buyers can book a tour of the home online when it’s convenient for them. Each buyer goes through a quick identity verification process to provide safety for your sellers and then receives access instructions to their phone once their tour is approved. They can then let themselves in the home to tour during their allotted time. Self-tour is a great option for agents because it limits contact as necessary and maximizes your time since you don’t have to drive over to unlock the door. Buyers also love the convenience of self-tour and are more likely to request a tour with this option available.

7. Host An Open House

While Open Houses tend to be a thing of the past, they still may be effective in driving interest to your listing and can also be a good way to bring you more clients. If you are going to host an open house, we’d suggest creating an event on facebook to promote the open house in your local area and also adding it to the popular real estate website to drive the most interest. You should also put adequate signage out to let people know the Open House is happening.

While these are not the only ways you can drive awareness and more tours to your listing, they are among the most effective in the new digital age. By utilizing these 7 ways listed above to market your listing in the best way possible, you’ll be able to generate more showings and sell your listings faster than ever before.